How to Cure Urinary Stones Naturally with Supplements

How to Cure Urinary Stones Naturally with Supplements

Urinary stones, also known as kidney stones, occur when small crystals form in the urine as it leaves the kidneys. When these crystals lodge in urinary tubes, they can cause severe pain and discomfort. A physician will use your medical history, lab tests and X-rays to diagnose urinary stones. Read on to be able to learn how to diagnose urinary stones.

Identify the Cause of Your Urinary Stones: -

Ask your doctor to run tests on any gemstones you have already passed. When you doctor finds out what your own kidney stone was made of, she can customize her treatment of remaining gems.

  • Learn about kidney stones made of calcium.
  • Calcium urinary stones are the most common, and can be the result of a diet filled with meat, fish and fowl.
  • Ask your doctor if your stones were caused by repeated urinary tract infections.
  • Sometimes the bacteria that cause such attacks secrete a substance that can crystallize and cause stones.
  • Tell your doctor if you have been diagnosed with gout.
  • Gout, which involves severe swelling in the joints, is caused by crystallized uric acid deposits on joint cartilage.
  • People with gout are at an increased risk of developing similar crystals in their kidneys.

Practice Urinary Stone Prevention:-

Drink plenty of water. Drinking between two and three liters of water each day can help you keep a steady flow of pee moving to move along kidney stones.

  • Cut back on salt.
  • Health care experts recommend that you read food labels as well as use table salt sparingly.
  • Salt causes your body to be able to retain, rather than pass, water.
  • Eat protein in moderation.
  • A few types of kidney stones are caused by a good overabundance of protein in your system.
  • When the renal system cannot filtration all the protein out, these stones is formed.
  • Avoid calcium supplements.
  • Research has shown that consumption of calcium supplements can increase the risk of kidney stones.
  • Discuss this with your doctor if he prescribes added calcium in your case.
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    • Read your medicine bottles.
    • Some medications such as potassium citrate can boost your risk of forming urinary stones.
    • Monitor your intake of foods that are high in oxalic acid such as spinach, chocolate, peanuts and soda.
    • These foods may increase kidney stone risk.

    Gout,Uric Acid,Allopurinol Gout,Uric,Gout Gout

    • Look into prescription medications.
    • Medications such as Allopurinol (a gout medication) may aid help dissolve kidney stones.
    • You must get a prescription for this medication.

    Manage Elimination Stone Pain: -

    Discuss your pain level together with your doctor. Kidney stone pain is intense and may require you to take narcotic drugs such as morphine for relief.

    • Turn in order to acupuncture.
    • Some people find that this ancient method of excitement with small needles reduces pain.

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    • Give therapy a try.
    • Many therapists are versed in focused symbolism, which patients use to help them manage and live with soreness.
    • Request a psychologist to teach you these pain management techniques.
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