The Relation between Gout and Kidney Stones

The Relation between Gout and Kidney Stones

Gout occurrences in certain individuals may be attributed to their kidney problems. Uric chemicals within purines are usually excreted out of the system and are not expected to be totally absorbed by the body. Uric acid levels are not wholly dependent in the amounts of purine rich food that body takes in.

Is also dependent on the ability of the kidney to excrete uric acids out of the system. Failure to excrete uric acid may cause uric acid in order to amass and reach the high-level point when uric acid crystals form and cause gout aches and pains. Hence, it has an existing relationship between gout and kidney stones.

  • The kidney's power to excrete is actually affected by the formation of kidney stones.
  • If the kidneys become impaired, excretion next poses a problem of retaining too much uric acid in the blood stream.

As uric acid amasses it will reach a certain level wherein uric acid will crystallize and lodge themselves in an individual's joint where they will not be bothered. Hence, gout and kidney stones forge a relationship by the failure of the kidney in order to excrete uric acids and the ability of amassed uric acid to form into crystals that triggers gout.

How to Control Uric Acid Levels How to lower uric acid

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Causes and Also Treatments of Kidney Stones

Unlike gout, crystalline substances become kidney stones not only out of uric acids but also out of other insoluble substances that collect and combine in the renal system. Insoluble substances are usually called oxalates which usually can either be salt, calcium or amino acids (cystine kidney stones).

The Kidney Stone Sufferer Must Pay Attention to His Diet

If the kidney gems are acid oxalates, then the kidney sufferer's diet should have more alkalines to be able to neutralize the particular acid oxalates. An alkaline diet mainly consists of fruits and vegetables.

  • The best diet for the treatment of goutThe best diet for the treatment of gout If you are suffering from the disease of gout then you already know about that the foods play huge role in increasing uric acid level in the bloodstream and symptoms of gout attack. Eating the right kinds of foods with the correct level of acid will...
    • Dark red berries and cherries are the most recommended fruits to eat for people with kidney stones caused by acid oxalates.
    • Cherries and berries contain chemical vitamins and minerals that lower uric acid and have the ability to reduce inflammation.
    • Hence, cherries or berry will not only reduce the effects of the kidney stones but will also prevent gout since it can lower uric acid levels.

    On the other hand, vegetable such as spinach, asparagus and cauliflower although rich in alkaline are also rich in purines. Hence, if you are on an alkaline based diet, stay away from these kinds of vegetables because they are liable to improve uric levels via their purine wealthy content.

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    Through this example, it is very important then to determine the type of kidney stones you are suffering from in order to determine the type of food you should eat. From there, it should be more established which of the foods belonging to a food group is rich in purine. This way the treatment of any type of kidney stone will not result to increasing the level of uric acid that may later form into uric acid gout crystals.

    The above as a result presents the relationship among gout and kidney stones. Diet plays an important role but it is also a matter of discerning how a focus of one chemical nutrient may cause a disorder in another part of the body's system.
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